12 weeks

 Me at 12 weeks:
No real baby bump yet, but definitely no ab definition anymore, and the pooch is getting poochier.

Size of baby: 2 inches – About the size of a peach.

Sleep: I don’t know if it’s from pure exhaustion but I’ve been sleeping a lot better lately. I only get up about once to go pee now.

What I miss: I STILL miss Monster Energy Drinks, sushi, turkey sandwiches, Four Lokos, and just about everything else I can’t have. 

Cravings: Mexican food. the real kind, from back home. 

Symptoms: I’m still pretty tired all the time, but it seems to be getting better. I’m getting weaker and weaker in the gym, which is pretty frustrating. The nausea is getting a lot better, and I’ve almost made it through my entire first trimester without puking! 

Best Moment this week: Seeing my baby for the first time on the ultrasound- So amazing! 

I’m also just really stoked to make it to this point in the pregnancy. It is considered the “safe zone.” Many women wait until they’re 12 weeks pregnant to tell anyone, which is what I originally wanted to do, because that’s when the risk of losing the baby drastically decreases. After seeing the baby this week and knowing I made it to week 12, I finally feel like I can relax (about that particular worry, at least). 


  1. Yup! Thanks! I’m not officially in the second trimester until the end of this week, but I’m pretty excited about that. I can’t wait til I get a massive baby bump either so I actually look preggers instead of bloated. haha

  2. We are so excited for you and Daniel. I’m glad you’ve had an “easy” pregnancy so far. I’m a firm believer in staying as active as you can. It makes the whole thing straight through delivery and recovery a lot easier.

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