13 weeks

Size of baby: 3 inches- About the size of a medium shrimp. 
Sleep: Alright. 
What I miss: The usual: deli meat, Monster energy drinks, sushi, wine. 
Cravings: Oscar Meyer bologna sandwich on white bread with ruffles chips inside. 
Symptoms: I have felt pretty good all week, besides being pretty tired. I think I’d be tired even if I wasn’t pregnant, though, with the way my week went. 
Best Moment this week: Well I think I made it to my second trimester. So many different resources say different things. Some say the second trimester begins at the end of Week 12, while others say it begins at the end of Week 13. I’m going to go with WebMD and the Mayo Clinic, which both say I’m now in my second trimester. 🙂

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