18 Weeks

Sorry my hair is always out of control in these pics, I always take them when I first wake up.

Size of baby: About 6 inches from crown to rump (the size of a large mango)

Sleep: Not too good. I’m starting to think I won’t be having good nights of sleep for a long time. Last night I had a baby dream.

Symptoms: backaches! ugh… my bad skin finally looks like it’s starting to clear up, though.

Fetal Movement: a few more tickles every now and then

What I Look Forward To: Feeling real, no joke kicks. It is kind of eerie to feel something one day and then not feel anything for another couple of days. I can’t wait until it’s more consistent and obvious. Finding out gender, of course! 2.5 weeks away. I can’t wait to start shopping!!!

Words of Wisdom from this Week: No joke, sometimes it can be really scary and frustrating seeing all the changes my body is going through. It’s getting hard for me to button my jeans. All my clothes are definitely fitting tighter. Even though I know it’s because I’m pregnant, these things are terrifying for a fitness junkie like me. Sometimes I really just need to take a deep breath and know it will all be worth it when I have my little baby in my arms. I have no worries about not getting my body back afterward- I’m a pro at cutting weight!

Other Interesting Info: So it’s always so confusing that pregnancy is 40 weeks but 9 months. If you think of a month as 4 weeks (or 4.5 weeks) it’s hard to figure out how many months pregnant you are compared to how many weeks you are. Well, according to this handy dandy chart I found on a pregnancy website, I’m 5 months this week! Pretty crazy, but here it is:



  1. Yay, 5th month! 20 weeks is half your pregnancy, so you’re almost there already.

    It sucks when your jeans refuse to fit, but it’s for the best possible reason…

    Finding out my baby’s gender changed everything for me, it made everything so much more real.

    Oh, and the kicks, are the BEST.

    You look so great!


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