19 Weeks

Size of baby:  About 6.5 inches crown to rump (the size of a small cantaloupe) 
Sleep:  Pretty bad. I can’t get comfortable and my back is always hurting. I can only imagine what it’s going to be like when my belly gets even bigger. 
Symptoms:  well just when I thought my skin was clearing up it came back with a vengeance (sucks!) aaand I always have to pee
Fetal Movement:  It’s still pretty inconsistent but I feel sooo happy and warm inside when I do feel it.
Cravings:  Pecans, Crunchy Cheetos
What I Look Forward To:  Finding out the gender in a week and a half so I can start my registry & do what I do best- SHOP!
Words of Wisdom for the Week:  I read in a few blogs that I follow that this week was pregnancy loss awareness week.  Some days I wish this pregnancy would go by faster, but I try to remind myself being pregnant is a gift and an amazing life experience that I should savor every minute of.  I guess it will be easier when I feel the baby moving around more often to remind me that he/she is there.  I’ll be back to the things I miss about not being pregnant before I know it. 


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