Weekend Recap

Last weekend went by really fast. On Friday night D & I just stayed in and worked on homework.  On Saturday night we volunteered at a haunted house fundraiser for the Marine Corps Ball.  Daniel was a character in the haunted house but he didn’t want me to be in it so I volunteered in the kid’s section painting faces.  It was pretty fun hanging with a bunch of groms all night.  It made me think about what my baby will be like when he/she is a kid.  I dressed up as a little pregnant devil using a costume from a couple of years ago.  D and I joked that the baby was going as Damien (from The Omen).  D played a scarecrow-type thing. He waited on a cross-like structure outside the haunted house and scared people as they passed by.  The haunted house looked pretty cool.  They had it in this creepy building the Marines use for urban warfare training. 
I don’t know what happened to my other horn in this pic. 
Daniel during the set-up. It didn’t actually open until dark. You can see the building in the background.

On Sunday we went up to North Shore. The surf was really good and I wanted to get some pics but it started raining pretty much as soon as we got to the beach and it wouldn’t stop.  This is the only pic I got at Sunset Beach:
Next weekend will hopefully be spent shopping for baby stuff since we’ll finally know the gender!


  1. says

    I think I’d die in one of those haunted houses… Even if I know it’s all fake, I’d start shaking as soon as I walked in!

    You will share your baby’s gender here, right? Right??

    I’m gonna go ahead and say… girl. I dunno, just because.

    Good luck!

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