23 Weeks

Excuse the morning mullet.

Size of baby: 11.5 inches and 1.5 lbs… about the size of a Papaya.

Symptoms: Not many this week. Just backaches.
Bellybutton: On its way out.
Sleep: Alright… I’ve had dreams about surfing almost every night this week.
Fetal Movement: Kicking like crazy!!! I can actually SEE baby Eva’s kicks from the outside of my stomach. The other day her daddy was reading her a story and she was kicking up a storm. I guess she was excited by his voice. Same thing last night when we were at a party watching the fight. There were all sorts of exciting sounds and she was dancing away.
Cravings: Hmm… nothing, new really.
Aversions: Cigarette smoke. The smell hasn’t bothered me as much as I would think it would throughout this pregnancy, but last night at the party (which was outside where it was windy) the smell was really bothering me.
Best Moment this Week: Definitely watching my stomach move up and down where Eva was kicking it so hard. So amazing.
What I Look Forward To: One more month until I’m finished with this semester and back in Texas visiting my family!

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