26 Weeks

Our house matches my hair and is still messy from moving in!
Size of baby: almost 14 inches and a little over 2 pounds
Symptoms: backaches, footaches, a little swelling… ugh! Other than that, everything has been great!
Fetal Movement: She gets stronger and more wiggly by the day!
Cravings: Dried Mangos!
Aversions: I keep thinking I want Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream but it just doesn’t taste right to me. I can’t wait to get down to Texas and eat some Blue Bell. 
Best Moment This Week: I’m starting to receive gifts from my registry so that’s really exciting! So far I’ve received a musical turtle toy & taggie blanket from my dad’s cousin, a bunch of children’s books from a friend-of-family/my 5th grade teacher, and a baby bath from another one of my second cousins. 
What I Look Forward To: 10 DAYS TIL TEXAS!!! I can’t wait to go home and spend the holidays with my family and friends. But first I must get through finals… (which is why I haven’t been posting much lately)

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