2nd Trimester Recap

Today is the first day of my 3rd Trimester!
During My 2nd Trimester:
  • I found out that my sweet little baby is a GIRL!
  • I felt my baby tapping then squirming then kicking then break dancing!
  • I felt my baby hiccuping.
  • I did a little too much shopping!
  • Baby Eva began receiving her first gifts from her family and friends who live far away.
  • My belly grew exponentially. 
Besides the occasional heartburn and frequent backaches, I have felt pretty darn good throughout my second trimester. I still jog three miles almost every day and lift weights three or four days a week. Today I took my last final for the semester, which means I’m only one semester away from graduating law school. 
I can’t believe I only have 3 more months until I meet my sweet baby girl. When I get back from Texas in January I’ll start taking childbirth classes and decorating Eva’s nursery. I can’t wait! 
For all the inconveniences pregnancy creates, it is truly an amazing experience. Every time I feel Eva moving around it makes me smile so big and feel extraordinarily excited. I’m already so in love with her.
I hope my last trimester of pregnancy is as great as the first two were!


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