A Very Special Gift

I seriously thought that Christmas break would mean more time to blog, but I was mistaken! I’ve really been on-the-go since I arrived in Texas a week ago. My baby shower went great, and I really want to post about that but I’m waiting until I can compile the pictures from the different cameras that were there. I don’t really have many on mine. Still, I received one very special gift that I simply must post about. 
The gift was from my Mamo. The first thing she gave me was the tiny ring she wore when she was a baby. The second was the letters from the bracelet they gave my Daddy at the hospital when he was a baby to identify him. The third was a set of baby silverware she used to feed her babies with. I’m a sucker for sentimental things like these, so needless to say they were perfect. Here are some pictures:

Maybe one day I’ll be able to pass them on to my first granddaughter when she’s having a baby of her own. Until then, I’ll treasure them very dearly. 

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