31 Weeks

Size of baby: Almost 4 pounds and 19 inches (about the size of four navel oranges)
Symptoms: OMG my lower ribs are killing me. I thought the back pain was bad last week but the rib pain tops it like no other. I feel like Eva is constantly pushing up against my ribs and they feel terribly sore and bruised. After the pain I’ve been experiencing this week I can’t believe I still have 9 weeks to go.
Fetal Movement: I have felt Eva hiccuping twice this week! I also have been feeling A LOT of stretching. She gets really long and stiff and holds it for a few seconds and then goes back to normal.
Sleep: I’m finally back in my own bed with my pregnancy pillow so that’s helped a lot.
Cravings: Caldo de Mariscos (it’s a spicy seafood soup). I was able to eat it for lunch on my last day in Texas.
Aversions: None
Best Moment this Week: My best moments this week and for the past three weeks were hanging out with my family in Texas. I’m glad Eva got to hear their voices and laughter.
What I Look Forward To: My doctor’s appointment tomorrow, surprisingly! I haven’t been there since week 24 which is probably too long between appointments. I can’t wait for the doctor to tell me what position Eva is in and let me know whether everything’s okay.
Another thing I’m looking forward to is… GETTING STARTED ON THE NURSERY! YEAY!!!!


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