32 Weeks

Size of baby: 17-19 inches and about 4.5 lbs. About the size of a jicama.
Symptoms: Well the rib pain hasn’t been bad this week. I wonder if that means my baby dropped a bit? The back pain is still in full force. πŸ™ I haven’t had much heartburn or anything like that, so that’s good. What’s weird is that after about 5p.m. or so I completely lose my appetite. It’s really difficult for me to eat dinner. My weight gain is right on track, though, so I think I’m eating enough food in the morning and lunchtime to make up for it.
Fetal Movement: Lots of stretching and pushing. I feel her moving for a lot longer periods of time. Before I’d feel her for a few minutes or so and then she’d chill out for a while but now it seems like she can go a half-hour or so just constantly moving.
Sleep: Do we even need to go there? I don’t think I’ll be getting a full night’s sleep for years now.
Best Moment this Week: This is a tough one! There were a lot of great baby moments this week. On Monday I had my OB checkup and I got to hear Eva’s heartbeat again. The doctor didn’t check the position or anything this time, which Β I was kind of bummed about. On Wednesday I had my Labor & Delivery tour which I posted about here. And finally, we’ve been working on the nursery all week! The new crib is set up and the walls are painted. It’s not even close to being finished but I’ll post a sneak peak soon. πŸ™‚
What I Look Forward To: Childbirth classes start next week!!! I’m SO excited. I’m also excited about continuing to work on the nursery. My last semester of law school starts next week too, so it will probably be a slow process from here on out. I only have 2 days left to myself with no school and no baby, ever.
Hey look, I do brush my hair! (sometimes…)



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