35 Weeks

Size of baby: 5-6 pounds and about 20 inches (honeydew melon)
Symptoms: I’ve been peeing a lot & have terrible pain under my ribs again. ugh..
Fetal Movement: lots of wiggling and pushing. I love watching my belly change shapes.
Sleep: Terrible as usual.
Cravings: I didn’t really have any this week either. Now that I think about it I could use a huge papas con huevo tortilla from Manuel’s right now.
Aversions: I tried sniffing the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter at the store the other day to see if I could tolerate it now because it’s much cheaper than the Bio Oil I use, but it still makes me wanna yak.
Belly button: Very stretched out and shallow. I’m really glad I invested in that maternity belly button ring.
What I Miss: Yes, I’m starting to answer this question again because the end of this pregnancy is so close that I can taste the spicy tuna roll and Monster I’m going to indulge in as soon as I give birth. I just can’t wait to surf again. I keep having dreams about it that make me feel so bummed when I wake up and know that I can’t.
Best Moment this Week: I found some time to swim in the ocean this week and it felt absolutely wonderful. It made me miss surfing so much, but it was nice to be in the cool salty water in the warm sunshine again. It had been too long.
What I Look Forward To: Doctor’s appointment, tomorrow! Woohoo! I’ll finally get my “stork pass” for the hospital so that I can park right up front.


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