36 Weeks

Size of Baby: Could vary at this point. About 6 pounds and 20 inches. 
Symptoms: Sore ribs, backaches, heartburn, frequent urination, some pelvic pressure…
Fetal Movement: Baby Eva likes to kick me in the ribs a lot. She also gets hiccups at least twice a day now. 
Sleep: Terrible. This morning I’ve woken with horrible back pain. 
Cravings: Nothing
Aversions: Nothing
Belly Button: Very stretched out and shallow. I can see a mole in there that I haven’t seen since I was a kid.
Best Moment This Week: Going to the doctor and finding out baby is head down and I started to lose my mucous plug!
What I Look Forward To: Being full term this time next week!!! And hopefully I’ll be able to finish Eva’s nursery soon.

I can’t believe I only have about 28 days left!!!

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