38 Weeks

Size of baby: 19-22 inches, about 6.5lbs (Watermelon)
Symptoms: Pretty much the same as last week: backache, sore ribs, some pelvic pressure, braxton hicks contractions and a few (what I think are) real ones. 
Fetal Movement: She shifted slightly- now she kicks me in the side of the belly and her bum is pressed up between my ribs. 
Sleep: It’s really impossible for me to get comfortable. My sleep sucks. 
Cravings: Well all the pictures of delicious looking food people are posting from Charro Days have definitely got me salivating. 
Aversions: Yesterday in class a bunch of people were eating microwavable meals and the smell was really grossing me out for some reason. 
Belly Button: Flat and stretched.
Best Moment this Week: My doctor’s appointment. They did an ultrasound to check my fluid levels so I got a little peek at my baby. They used a low frequency because they were just looking at the fluid, so I really didn’t get to see much of anything, but when the ultrasound wand went over where her feet were she kicked it really hard. I could see the outline of her little foot for a second. I kind of wish I could have seen more, but it’s okay. I got to hear her heartbeat too which was around 127. (Don’t listen to the old wives’ tales that say girls’ heartbeats are over 140… it’s bs.)
What I Look Forward To: Having this baby!!!!
To-Do List: Same as last week. I haven’t gotten anything done. I still need to pack the hospital bag, finish the labor playlist, install the car seat, and finish the nursery. Time is running out!


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