Mom Would Go.

 I knew I wanted this sticker one day since I first saw it on my friend’s mom’s car when I was a grom back at the Jetties (our home surf break back in Texas). I was a veeerrry long way from even thinking about being a mom, but I knew that sticker described my future mom-ness and I would totally be sporting it one day.
The sticker is a play off the phrase “Eddie Would Go,” which describes the late Hawaiian surfer Eddie Aikau. He was one of the first surfers to charge the big waves of Hawaii back when there were only dirt roads to North Shore and no lifeguards to save you. (In fact, he became one of the first lifeguards.) The phrase refers to a fateful day when he set sail on a traditionally-built replica of a double-hull canoe the ancient Hawaiians sailed to Hawaii on from Tahiti. He and his crew were going to reenact the path their ancestors took thousands of years ago. Not long after the crew set sail, they hit a rough patch of swell and weather and the boat capsized. They had no way to alert anyone of their condition, but they could faintly see the island of Kaua’i in the distance. As the crew hung on for their lives, Eddie hopped on his surfboard and decided he was going to paddle to land for help. Meanwhile, an airplane spotted the crew from overhead and they were eventually helped. Eddie, on the other hand, was never found. He became a hero to Hawaiians and surfers everywhere, not only for his fearlessness in charging big waves, but because he gave his life to try and help his friends. Now, when the surf gets over 40 feet in Waimea Bay (which is huge & doesn’t happen often), Quiksilver holds a memorial surf contest in honor of Eddie Aikau. Many surfers remember him every day with an “Eddie Would Go” bumper sticker on their car. (I recommend reading the whole story in “Eddie Would Go” by Stuart Holmes Coleman if you’re interested. Great book.)
I may not charge 40-foot waves on North Shore, but I hope to never stop surfing until I break a hip or die or something, and I know I’ll be the kind of mom who will lift school buses for my babies. I’d already do anything for Eva and I haven’t even met her yet. I can’t believe I’m a mom now (some would say soon-to-be) and I can’t believe I’m actually sporting this sticker on my truck that I first saw over ten years ago. Life is pretty crazy.


  1. I like the sticker! Your going to be a cool surfer mommy and one day you’ll be able to teach your daughter how to surf. I enjoyed surfing but for some odd reason I gravitated more towards paddling boarding. I have a paddle board in Texas and I don’t know if I’ll ever use it out here. Lol.

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