Why Being Pregnant Rocks

During my birthing classes, the nurse asked us to name one thing that we loved about being pregnant. Admittedly, a million things I hate came to mind first- I “run” a 31-minute 5K, I can’t surf, I feel like a whale & totally unattractive, I can’t sleep, I can’t drink Monsters or eat sushi… The only thing I could think of that I actually like about being pregnant is feeling my baby girl move. It’s like a secret conversation between me and her- one that nobody else will ever understand. It’s a phenomenal feeling, but it can’t be the only thing that I like about pregnancy. So I thought I’d start a list to remind myself of all the amazing things about pregnancy. It may start off short but I’ll slowly add to it if/when I come to more realizations.

1) I love seeing all the smiles and excited faces from complete strangers. Before I was pregnant, it seemed that all I got was “ojo” from girls and unsolicited stares from typical guys. Now I see people’s faces light up when they see my big ol’ belly. Sometimes I feel like I put a little joy in a stranger’s day, and I really love that.

2) I love when people rub my belly. I read so many articles and books about pregnancy that warn you about belly rubs, and teach you how to politely decline them. Well I happen to love them, probably for the same reasons as #1. I especially love them when they come from elderly women who seem the most excited about the baby growing in my belly. They seem to reminisce about their own pregnancies with pure joy in their eyes.

3) Not worrying about maintaining a flat belly for tight shirts. Usually, when I know I have to wear a tight-fitting dress or shirt I limit my salt and carb intake the day before/of so I don’t feel or look bloated in it. Now I’m bloated all the time no matter what I eat or drink so it doesn’t make a difference!

4) Having an excuse to wear yoga pants like all the time. Let’s face it, yoga pants and wife beaters are more comfortable than cute outfits. Being pregnant is an excuse to overwear them in public.

Hmm… That’s all I got for now… Feel free to comment with why being pregnant rock(s)(ed) for you!


  1. I loved laying in bed with my big ole belly up against my Husband’s back so he could feel her moving around. It was as if our sweet Emma danced us to sleep every night. Josh and I often talk about how we miss that.

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