Eva: Week 3

How Baby is Doing:
Eva- You are growing so quickly! You had her two-week check-up on Monday and have already gained almost a pound since you were born. You are now 8.5 lbs and a little over 20 inches. The doctor said that everything looked good and you’re a healthy little newborn. You are also becoming more alert and aware of the things going on around you. You love opening your little eyes and looking around, mostly at your black-and-white dia de los muertos dolls. I keep meaning to buy you one of those black-and-white board books for newborns. You don’t last very long during tummy time, and most of the time you find a way to roll yourself over. (I didn’t know newborns could even do that!) You love going on walks with me, especially when she’s in my moby wrap instead of your stroller. You’re such a good little girl on our outings (as long as you get fed every 3 hours).
Eva by the day:
New this week:
-Eva’s 2 week check-up.
-Eva discovered how much she loves pulling my hair. Now I know why the “mom cut” exists.
How Mama is Doing:
The soreness is almost completely gone and so is the bleeding. I only need a panty liner now for the spotting. My tummy is still pretty squishy and I know my uterus isn’t back down to it’s normal size but I’m only about 6lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight which I think is pretty good considering I haven’t been breastfeeding, dieting, or exercising (besides walking, which I don’t really consider exercise). I think I’ll finally be ready to get back to the gym come Monday! I’ll be posting my fitness plan sometime before then.


    • I’m in law school and it is very time consuming. I was back at school 2 days after I gave birth. I put a lot of thought into my decision, did my research, and decided that formula really isn’t as terrible as some people try to make it out to be.

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