The Nursery

Well I was supposed to be posting this last Friday, the day I finished the nursery, but baby Eva had other plans for me. So here it is… the completed nursery. It may not be HGTV material, but hey, we’re on a budget and we’re leaving this house in 4 months. It’s definitely far from traditional, but we love it!
About the Nursery:
Sugar Skull Dolls- Sugar Skellies on Etsy
The Cubby Dresser and Curtains are from Target.
-I customized the “The World is Yours” poster myself, as well as the skull fabric cubbies. I cut the skulls out of felt and glued them on the pink cubbies using fabric glue.
-“The Other F Word” Poster- I highly recommend this documentary for punk rock parents.
-Other random things, like the flag on the ceiling and the sugar skull piggy bank were gifts from friends.
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  1. Such a unique nursery! I love it! I like the idea of the crib being in the middle of the room as well. I have to ask, where specifically did you get your crib? I live on Schofield and I’m having such a hard time finding a black crib anywhere.

  2. How did I miss this? Girl, this nursery is amazeballs. And gutsy you for painting with only 4 months left! We have a year and a half and I can’t bring myself to, just to paint it white before we move out. Ugh.

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