Eva: Week 1

Today my baby girl turns 1 week old.
How Baby is Doing:
Eva- You are a week old and doing great. You eat, sleep, and poop regularly and only cry when you have a good reason to. You love to eat and do so about every 2-3 hours. I love the little indicators that tell me when you’re ready. You stretch your little neck up and rounds out your mouth. You make these little grunting noises which are pretty hilarious. When I put the nipple near your mouth you shake your head back and forth really quickly. You remind me of a little bird. When you poop you stretch out your little legs as far as they’ll go and you make the silliest faces. And just like I suspected, you’re a night owl. You used to stay up and wiggle around all night when you were in my belly. Now, you want to eat more frequently in the middle of the night and you stay awake for longer stretches of time. You open your eyes a lot more than during the day. I don’t mind much. I love every opportunity I have to feed and cuddle with you.
Eva by the day:
What’s new this week (besides the obvious):
-first restaurant outing
-first visit to the pediatrician (everything looked great!)
How Mama is Doing:
Physically: My recovery has been going well. The day after delivery was the worst. I was more swollen than I’ve ever been in my life. My uterus was cramping hard and felt like my labor contractions. When my milk came in my boobs became extremely sore and engorged. They are finally starting to feel a little better. By today I feel like I could go for a jog and a lift session again but I’m going to wait a little longer. My doctor said to stop for 6 weeks but I know for a fact I won’t make it that long. He also told me to wait 2 weeks to drive but I’ve been driving since the day after I was discharged from the hospital (to school and back). I don’t think I’ll start jogging and lifting right away, though. After doing some research I think it’d be safer to wait at least until I finish bleeding and my boobs are back to normal. Until then I’ll probably just go for long walks. I’d go for a swim but I’m not allowed in the water yet either. My tummy has gone down significantly but it’s still very far from my pre-pregnancy tummy and it feels very squishy. I’m wearing most of my pre-pregnancy clothes but I made the mistake of getting too confident and trying on my skinny jeans this morning. There was no way in hell they would close around my hips. I think they’ve spread quite a bit. I haven’t weighed myself yet and I’m not sure when I’ll get the courage to do so. I’m going to start “eating clean”again on Monday after my mom and cousin leave. I’m feeling pretty self-concious about my body right now but I know it won’t be long before I can get back to normal (or as back to normal as possible after having a baby).


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