(Still) Running for Two

I had a feeling during my 3 mile “run” today that it might be one of my last during this pregnancy, seeing as my due date is only 3 days away. I wanted to somehow document a run for Eva so that she has some sort of proof when I tell her that I ran throughout my entire pregnancy. Because I’m at a semi-new gym, there was nobody I felt comfortable asking to snap a pic for me, especially since I usually get worried looks from fellow patrons. I think they still believe the old school misconception that women can’t jog (or even exercise) while pregnant. I tried to take a few pics of myself but they turned out really blurry with all the bouncing:
I gave up and decided to take some video, which is also pretty shaky. As you can see, my pace has decreased to about 5.5mph, making it about a 32 minute 3-mile run. Before pregnancy I could run 3 miles in just under 21 minutes, so it’s a huuuuge decrease. I think it’s because I was so scared to run my entire first trimester. Still, I’ve been able to keep my 3-mile run to about 30 minutes throughout most of this pregnancy (jogging at about 6.0 mph), but I’ve been extremely exhausted and achy these last few weeks and I’ve really had to cut back. Still, I’m happy just to make it through the 3 miles despite being so slow. I’m so proud of myself for keeping with it. I wonder how long it will take for me to get back under 21.


  1. That’s awesome that your stayed so fit throughout your pregnancy. =) I didn’t run at all during my entire pregnancy but I have been doing Zumba sporadically since I did Zumba a lot prior to pregnancy.

  2. If you can run 3 miles at any pace at this point, you’re gunna do just fine when it comes to labor & delivery. I’m also jealous (and slightly embarrassed) that you’re kicking my ass at running and I’m not even knocked up, LOL! Major props to you for keeping up with it!

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