Eva: Week 4

You are just shy of a month old! I’m not giving in and saying you’re 1 month until April 10th. You get more alert and social by the day. You have been giving us real life smiles and even trying to laugh. People like to say it’s just gas, but you do it when we’re jingling toys in front of you or making funny faces or giving you kisses. Dr. Sears says the whole gas thing is a myth too. I was about to download a video from our video camera on my computer but the battery died and I didn’t have time to find the charger before I had to head off for school (yes, I have school on Saturdays too… sucks).  Your hand/eye coordination is also starting to develop and you’re starting to reach out for your toys. People always ask if you’re sleeping through the night yet, and the answer is a big fat NO! You do have one 4-hour stretch but other than that you want to eat every 2.5 to 3 hours. I’ve definitely forgotten what a full night’s sleep feels like!
Eva by the day:
New This Week:
-lots of social smiles & attempts at laughing
-reaching out for toys
A video will be posted later! 🙂


  1. Man, you are doing AMAZING! Really, the first month of all of my baby’s lives was such a blur…You are handling everything incredibly well! Way to go…
    She is precious. I believe she is smiling at you too!! 🙂
    HappY Easter to you, and can’t wait to watch that darling girl grow!

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