Eva: Week 5

Eva- You have been a bit more fussy this week than usual, but on Tuesday we found out that you have acid reflux. We decided to put you on a formula that is made for babies with AR, and oh man does it work. Before we started using it, we would hear you making gagging noises and uncomfortable little grunts for at least an hour after feeding. You would spit-up a lot and wake up every 2.5-3 hours at night to feed. We have used the AR formula before bedtime two nights in a row now, and both nights you fell fast asleep and didn’t wake up to eat for 5.5 hours! You seem much happier when we give you that formula and I’m so relieved that you aren’t in pain anymore. Other than that, you have become very interested in your toys and you have smiled and giggled even more this week. You still roll over onto your back when we put you down for tummy time, and if we keep putting you on her tummy you get frustrated and start crying. Tummy time seems to work much better when you’re on my chest and ready for a feeding. You get so much exercise just pushing yourself around looking for her food.
Eva by the day:
New This Week:
-Baby’s First Easter
-Eva turned One Month Old
-Eva had her One Month Check-up
-Eva met her Grandma Dolly (Grammy) for the first time
-More laughing and BIG smiles that warm mama’s heart
-Eva’s first time at the pool (didn’t go in though)


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