Eva: Week 7

You are staying awake during the day more than ever. You love looking around at all the decorations around our house. You want to be carried around so she can check it all out, but I don’t mind. I just put you in the wrap and tote you around. You have had trouble going down for naps sometimes. You play this game with her chupie. You deliberately spit it out and then whine to have it back in. You stay content for a few minutes and then spit it out again. It’s not every time, just when you’re really fighting sleep, I think. You’ve been a really happy baby, though. Lots and lots of smiles and laughs. The best thing in the world is when you look at me and just smile. This week you went to the Kid’s Club in the gym while I worked out. You did really good every time and they said you didn’t cry at all so I’m stoked about that. You’re going to be seeing a lot of gym’s Kid’s Clubs in your lifetime.
Eva Day by Day:
New this Week:
-6 weeks 5 days: First Real Tear 🙁 !!! (Before her eyes would just fill with tears when she cried. On this day a single tear fell out of the corner of one of her tiny little eyes.)
-Blowing bubbles with drool
-First time at the Kid’s Club at the gym with mama.
-Slept 6 hours! (Only one night, though. Probably a fluke.)
-Celebrated her mama’s 25th birthday at Dave & Busters


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