2 Month Check-Up

I’m typing this with one hand as baby E is curled up in my other arm resting on my chest. Love it. Evita just had her 2 month appointment (she is 2m1w today). She weighed in at a whopping 14lbs 6oz. That’s almost double what she weighed when she was born. I guess I better start mentally preparing myself for when she heads off to college.
She was giving the doctor a million smiles. He said she must have just recently started smiling and I thought, “no she’s been socially smiling for over a month now.” That didn’t last long, though. Next came the shots.
I was terrified to watch my baby girl get her shots. When I put Eva on the table she was happy as can be. Pobrecita. She had no clue what was coming. When the nurse pierced her chunky little thigh with the first needle it was if though she was piercing it straight through my heart. Eva’s little face wrinkled up and she let out the saddest little cry. She had two more shots after that and then I quickly swept her up into my arms and put her chupie in her mouth. She immediately calmed down. I’m pretty sure I took it way harder than she did.
I loved her cute little face when I put her back in her carseat:

Eva was fine for a few hours but then it seemed to hit her all at once. I think she’s really sore and not feeling well at all. She started shrieking like she was in pain. I gave her a bottle and laid her on my chest and she’s doing alright now. This is the longest she has slept on my chest in a long time (she usually likes sleeping on her nap nanny or in her swing better, surprisingly). I think she just really needs to cuddle with her mommy. So here I am, one arm around her, one arm trying to document these little moments I never want to forget.


  1. It does hurt you more than it hurts them. 6 month shots are even worse if I remember correctly. She might need a little bit of Tylenol and I always give mine some before the shots. I never give them the full dosage though just a little bit and it seems to help. She weighs as much as Presley does now! šŸ™‚ she’s so adorable! LOVE the glasses by the way!

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