Eva: Two Months


My Evita,

You are two months old today and so much has changed since you turned one month. You have really started developing your own personality. You no longer just eat, sleep, and poop. You now have conversations with us in your own little language. You goo and gaa at us with this matter-of-fact look on your face as if you are telling us how it is. You have so much sass for such a tiny little thing. And you have the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard. It’s just perfect. Nobody will ever believe me, though, because you are so camera shy! As soon as the video camera comes out you get quiet and just stare at it. I did manage to get a little clip of you, though: 


I love watching you quietly observing everything around you. Everything is so new to you and you have started to take it all in. You love staring at the paintings on our wall and you especially love looking at our faces. You love being outside where there is even more stuff to look at. A couple of weeks ago we bought you a kidde pool for the backyard. The sun was a little bright and it was a little chilly out that day but you still seemed to enjoy it. Soon we’ll be able to take you in a real pool and in the ocean. We’re going to have so much fun.

You’re still such a good baby. I’ve been waiting for you to snap one day and turn into one of those babies that everyone warns you about. But you rarely cry and you’re so well-behaved when we’re out and about. You still have a lot of the same likes and dislikes as last month. You love the bath but you hate getting out. You especially hate when it’s time to get dressed. I don’t think you like having things pulled over your head. You love being swaddled, though. It has become a must when it’s time for bed- you just can’t get comfy without it. You’ve gotten a little better about getting buckled in your car seat. Maybe you’re starting to associate it with car rides, which you love. 

You always give us the biggest smiles and laugh-squeals. Thank you for that, it really makes me feel like I am doing something right. I’m just always hoping that you’re comfortable and happy. I never want you to be sad or feel pain. I remember when the arches on my feet collapsed last year and your grandma Portia kept calling me and messaging me to check in on me and ask me if I was okay. I didn’t think the pain was that big of a deal and I couldn’t understand why she was so worked up about it. I thought she was just being ridiculous- but now I totally understand how she felt. When you started having acid reflux troubles and you looked so miserable and uncomfortable, I was so worried and felt so sad. I prayed that any pain you had, or would ever have for that matter- both physical and emotional, would be transferred to me instead. I know that it’s kind of dumb to even think that could happen, but if it was possible I’d take it in a heartbeat. I just love you so much, my sweet little baby. You’ll probably think I’m crazy until you become a mommy one day, too.

Anyway, enough of the mushy stuff. I’ve gotta call you out on something- you’ve started making this fake-sounding little whine when we finish feeding you. We know you’re not really still hungry and even if we were to feed you more you’d just spit it all up. You’re not fooling anyone, missy! It only lasts about 30 seconds and it always makes me giggle because it just sounds so ridiculous. Another thing you do that I love is take these massive stretches when I take you out of your swaddle. Your arms immediately go up past your head and you just look so adorable that it actually makes me look forward to getting up in the middle of the night to change your diaper. My favorite time of day, though, is the morning. You wake up even earlier than I do so after I feed you we spend another hour or so in bed just cuddling. It’s the best!

I can’t help but feel like everything is going by so quickly. You’ve completely grown out of your newborn clothes and fit snugly into size 0-3. I gave a bunch of them away but saved my favorites in case you have a baby sister one day, or just so that I can have them to show you when you’re all grown up. I look at pictures of you from last month and you just look so tiny in comparison. No matter how big you get, you’ll always be my little baby.

So far, being your mother has been the most amazing experience ever. Everyone told me that when I had a baby nothing would ever be the same again. Well, they were right– it’s much better. It’s like that Jack Johnson song goes- “I gave you your life, but you give me mine.” He couldn’t have said it better, and I really can’t think of anything to add to that. Thank you for another amazing month and thank you again for being my sweet little baby. 


 Current Stats:

*I will update this after her 2-month appointment next week.

Month 2 Milestones:

1 month,1 day old – met Grandma Dolly (Grammy)
1 month, 3 days old – first time to a swimming pool (but didn’t go in)
1 month, 13 days old – first time to the Kid’s Club (childcare at the gym)
1 month, 15 days old – fist real tears 🙁
1 month, 16 days old – first time drooling and blowing bubbles with drool
1 month, 19 days old – first time in kiddie pool
1 month, 19 days old – first time to a skatepark
1 month, 27 days old – grabbed feet for the first time (twice!)
No Particular Day:
-first “conversations”


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