Eva: Week 10

Eva- Today you are 10 weeks old. It seems like your strength has exploded in the last week. You carry your her head up high and strong for long periods of time. I can pretty much carry you on my hip like a real baby now. When you’re lying on her back and want to play, you try to sit up. You scrunch your little face up and pull your little belly in and lift. I usually grab your hands when I see you doing this and help you sit up. (You obviously can’t sit up on your own yet.) You have had a very busy week, my dear. You got to spend a lot of quality time with your Grandpa Bobby, Grandma Maria, and Uncle D.J. Your grandpa has taught you how to stick her tongue out on command. You get so excited.

Thursday night you slept 8 whole hours at a time and the night before that you slept 7. You may have just been extremely exhausted from your family’s visit, though. On one of the days that they were here you woke up at 3:30 am (earlier than usual) and didn’t take a nap all day because we were constantly on the move. By the end of the day you were so cranky that you cried like never before. Your grandpa Bobby was able to rock you and calm you down and you finally settled with a bottle. This week you have been babbling and cooing a lot again as well as grabbing your feet.
Yesterday you had your two month vaccines. I was so sad for you. 🙁 But now we’ll be able to get your ears pierced and take you in the ocean!
Eva by the Day:

New this Week:
-Sticking her tongue out on command (thanks to grandpa)
first visit to Pearl Harbor
-trying so hard to sit up (although nowhere near being able to)
2 month check-up


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