Beach Daze

Today was Eva’s first day in the Ocean… (besides just her feet). It was a little chilly but she loved it. She went back and forth between smiling and just looking around and taking it all in. When it was time to get out she cried. We figured it was just her normal cry like when she gets out of the bath, but when we got on our beach blanket we discovered that she had pooped. It made me glad that I forgot to take off her diaper before we went in the water. That would have been pretty gross. Anyway, I look forward to many more beach days with my lil beach babe. It was so nice after a long week of studying. We had a blast.


  1. Wow, that is so cool! 🙂 you will never see somethigng like that in my country (Estonia), because sea water never gets warm enough here for swimming with babies.

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