Eva: Week 12

Baby Eva, today you are 12 weeks old. Your cognitive skills are really starting to develop. You grab your toys and shake them around and throw them. You stare at yourself in the mirror and smile and talk. You have developed a love for the Johnny Jump-Up I got you last weekend. Yesterday you cried twice when we tried to take you out of it. You love spinning around in circles and pushing yourself up off the ground on it. And you seem to love bath time a little more every time you take one. Last night was the best. You and I danced to some Talib Kweli for about half-an-hour. You had so much fun and then crashed hard. In fact, you’ve slept NINE HOURS straight for the last two nights. Amazing. Tomorrow marks the first day of your last full week as a 2-month old. Holy moly, child… slow down!
New this Week:
-Fell in love with the Johnny-Jump Up
-More interested in your toys
-First time sitting in your high chair


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