Eva: Week 13

Eva- This week you have officially decided that you no longer like laying down. When it’s playtime, you need to be in the sitting or standing position to be happy. You’re also okay if I carry you around room to room showing you things. You’ve developed a love for dancing and singing. Maybe you’ve had it all along but we’ve been doing it a lot more this week. In the evenings when I’m finished studying for the day, I play some music for us and you “sing” non-stop. Your teachers from the kid’s club at the gym told me how much you light up when they put the music on, even if it is sleepy-time music they use for babies taking naps. That’s when I realized that as big of music-lovers we are in this house, we don’t play enough for you. This week I’ve been swamped with bar review and I haven’t had as much time to play with you as I’d like to. Instead, you sit on my lap as I read you my outlines. Other times, I’ll put you in your jumper and sit down next to you while I review my quizzes. I teach you the law in a sing-songy type of voice. Maybe it will help me remember it better.  I wouldn’t be surprised if your first word is “liable,” though, haha. You’re still sleeping well and being a wonderful little baby. Tomorrow you’ll be three months old! Time is flying.
Eva by the Day:
New this Week:
-we’re “singing”!


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