Eva: Week 14

Evita- You definitely went through a growth spurt this week! It is the first one we’ve noticed, too. For two days straight (maybe three), you were either sleeping, eating, or screaming to eat. You also woke up in the middle of the night to eat, which you hadn’t done in a while. I was worried for a minute until I did some Googling and learned that it’s normal for babies to go through a growth spurt around 12 weeks. Besides that, you have been putting your hands (and pretty much everything you can grab) in your mouth lately. I think you’re starting to teeth. You’ve also been to the beach a lot this week, and you love the water! Even when I consider it to be too cold, you don’t complain one bit! I’m so stoked about that! Another thing you’ve been doing lately is when I reach my arms out to pick you up, you scrunch up like you’re trying to do do a little sit-up in anticipation. It’s so ridiculous/adorable! I love you so much, baby girl!
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-Growth Spurt!


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