Eva: Week 16

Baby Eva- It’s been another busy week for you. On Sunday we went to the sandbar and you played around in the ocean for a while. You cried when you first hit the water (it was sooo cold). Just as I grabbed the towel you stopped. You ended up loving it and staying in there for a long time. You’ve been making a lot of raspberry noises lately. It’s so funny because your drool flies everywhere. “Say it, don’t spray it!,” I tell you, because I’m a 90’s kid. You’ve been going through phases of blowing raspberries and talking over the past few weeks, actually- sometimes you want to talk and other times you just want to blow raspberries. You also finally rolled over from your belly to your back again! You hadn’t done it since you were about 6 weeks old! I don’t know why you stopped for so long (probably because you’re so chunky!). I figured out that if I put a mirror in front of you during tummy time you enjoy it for a longer period of time. I love how I can trick you! 😉 You’ve also been sitting unsupported for a longer period of time. You stay up for about 30-60 seconds before I have to catch you as you get tired and topple over. Oh, and you’re wearing size 3 diapers now! You’re such a big girl!
Eva by the Day:
New this Week:
-First time swimming in Kaneohe Bay.
-Growth spurt at around 16w5d.
-Sitting up for longer periods of time.
-Graduated to Size 3 diapers!


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