Killer Leg Workout

For today’s Fit Friday I just wanted to share a super awesome/killer leg workout that I took from Ava Cowan (and made some modifications). I used to do it on Fridays all the time before I was pregnant, but today will be the first time since then.
Here it goes: 
1) 5 minutes cardio (I choose to run but do whatever works for you. You’re only doing 5 minutes of it at a time so go hard and fast! Give it your all)
2) 30 Walking Lunges (That’s 15 on each side)
3) 30 reps on the Leg Press (These are light-weight reps meant to burn your legs out.)
4) 30 Steps-Ups (15 on each side… the higher the better)
5) 30 reps on the Abduction Machine (do Plie Squats if you don’t have access to one… they always seem to be taken at the gym)
6) 5 minutes cardio (again… go hard or go home!)
7) 20 Leg Extensions (light weight, burn out)
8) 30 Side Lateral Lunges (15 on each side)
9) 30 Ankle Hops (15 on each foot)
10) 15 reps of Stiff-leg Deadlift 
11) 5 minutes cardio (get some!)
12) 30 Walking Lunges (15 on each side)
13) 15 Box Jumps (or more if you choose a low box)
14) 20 Seated Leg Curls
15) 20 Plie Squats
16) 5 minutes cardio (don’t quit!)
17) 30 reps on the Leg Press
18) 30 Step-Ups (15 on each side)
19) 30 Split Leg Lunge Jumps (15 on each side)
20) 5 minutes cardio (last one, go all out!)
Print it. Do it. If it doesn’t kill you I don’t know what will. Yeay for killer legs!


  1. Fun. I love how this moves from one workout to the next so quickly–yet there is plenty to do to actually get a full workout1 Fun.
    I don’t know what a box hop or an ankle hop are!?
    Maybe you can fill me in. 🙂
    Aloha friend–keep up the great work!

    • Yeah, I usually do a traditional cardio/weights split but I like to do a circuit once or twice a week. 🙂

      Here’s a link to the ankle hop (easier than me describing, haha):

      And a box jump is just jumping on and off an elevated box or bench (at whatever height you can do):

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