May Photo Dump

May went by fast. Too fast. Here are the pics that didn’t make other blog posts, but should be on here nonetheless, in no particular order.
We met BJ Penn at the grand opening of his (our) new gym in Honolulu!
I love her little moro reflex. I’m trying to savor it because according to all the books it will be gone soon.
 On the boat with our friends Hunter and Lani… she’s having a baby girl in October! So excited.
 I can’t get enough of her.


Standing in line before graduation.


What I wore under my graduation robes. Had to rock the Juris Doctorate purple.
Loved having my Daddy around to BBQ.


Daddy pushing around Eva:




Her tongue smiles melt my heart.


Just chillin. You know.


I call these the “praying feet.” Love them.


A rainbow at the end of my street


My little brother D.J. jumpin into the bay.




Hanging out in her room.


D.J. and Eva at the Dole Plantation


This is one of my favorite outfits of hers.


She looks so tiny in her crib!


She’s 2 months old and already cooler than me.


My Daddy and baby sportin a “My Grandpa Rides a Harley” onesie.


She loves her bumbo.


Chillin with her grandpa.


Thumbs up for Pineapple!


My Dad took this.. I wasn’t there but thought it was a cool pic.


Daddy & D.J.


Way cooler than me.


Applying sunscreen!


Our Cap’n


Time to go back in the carseat!


Grandma Maria & Eva


Reaching for toys.


My lil bro.


Pretty flower I saw at school.


Another angle.




She loves these curtains.

Me and DJ playing with my new I-Pad.


The “Super Moon” from Kaneohe Bay.


Love her!


Wearin her little Mexican dress.
I took the feather.





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