Spinning the Globe

So I’ve mentioned here and there that we will be leaving Hawaii soon, but I haven’t really formally explained why.
When I was a kid, my mother had this big round globe at our house. I guess I was a geography nerd from the beginning, because I loved that thing. I would study the flow of rivers and observe how the continents seemed to fit. I would read all the different names of the countries. I would hold my finger up to it, close my eyes, give it a spin, and tell myself that whatever place my finger landed on was someplace I would live someday. Well, that’s pretty much exactly what my little family will be doing this Fall.
We’ll soon be moving to a random country overseas. It could be anywhere. We are really crossing our fingers for somewhere in Spanish-speaking South America, specifically Peru, but I think I’ll be alright with whatever we get. When I was a young geography major (okay… 3 years ago), I dreamed of working for National Geographic and whisking myself around the world. I’m finally going to realize at least part of that dream, so I’ll seriously appreciate whatever we get. I really hope at least one of those countries is somewhere I can practice my Spanish everyday and raise Eva speaking both languages. But most importantly, we’re hoping it’s some place with surf. We don’t want to get our hopes too high.
When I get back from taking the bar exam in July I’ll begin my last two months in Hawaii (for a while, at least). I’ll miss this place a lot. I can’t believe I’ve spent about 5 years of my life here. I think living in Hawaii is what every Texas grom dreams of doing someday. I can’t believe I did it. We did it. My little family. But I’m also ready to go. I have a bad case of wanderlust. If it were up to me we’d live in a new place every year (as long as there are waves there). As of now, we’re planning on coming back here eventually. Daniel will probably end up retiring in the Marines, so we want to come out here to finish up his career. A lot can happen in three years, though, so who knows. Maybe we’ll get to stay overseas for another 3. All I know is that we’ll eventually settle down in Texas, where my heart will always be.
So all these changes are very exciting for me. It makes studying a little difficult sometimes. I like to daydream about the places we might go. At night, when I allow myself an hour of brainless television, I like to watch House Hunters International and picture living in whatever Country they’re in. I just can’t wait. But at the same time, I feel like I have to take full advantage of my last couple of months in Hawaii (after the Bar, of course).


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    I’m so envious of all your (past and future) travels. I hope to live in a different state or country someday. Seeing new sights has always been a huge dream of mine. I hope you get to go someplace where you can speak Spanish and also ride some waves. I can’t wait to find out where you and your family are headed to next!

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    So excited for you two!
    I hope you get South America! Anywhere will be an adventure and I hope you continue to blog about it. And then get settled in for visitors! 😉

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    I am so Jealous! I wish I could travel like that. I hope you get South America! : ) Baby is so cute! Sorry I haven’t stopped by to say hi lately but I am still here! I always look forward to your posts : )

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