Throwback Thursday: Celebrate Brooklyn!

Summertime makes me long for live music. One difficult thing about moving from the live music capital of the world to Hawaii is the severe lack of good shows. While I’m mostly into punk, I also have a deep love for hip hop. Not the kind you usually hear on the radio, but the kind that actually took more than 5 minutes and a blunt to come up with. Anyway, this Throwback Thursday isn’t about Austin or even music, really, it’s about the time I visited one of my bffs in Brooklyn and we hopped a fence in Prospect Park to see The Roots and Talib Kweli.
It was the summer of 2010 and I was in D.C. for an event at the Supreme Court (which I’ll probably write about later). Before heading back I thought I’d take the super quick/easy flight from JFK to Laguardia to visit Rikki. She moved there from Hawaii when her Marine Corps hubby got stationed at I&I in Brooklyn. Of course, being music-deprived in Hawaii, I immediately checked to see what was going on in the five boroughs. I was stoked to discover that The Roots and Talib Kweli would be performing at Celebrate Brooklyn (a summer music festival in Prospect Park) the day I flew in. Hours after I was to fly in, actually.
Rikki picked me up from the airport and we drove straight to Prospect Park. We managed to find street parking (and I’ll have to admit I was SO worried leaving my suitcase with my laptop, nice suits, etc. in the car but I said “eff it”). When we finally got to where they had the festival set up we were bummed to see a huge lineup of people trying to get in. They were at capacity and were only letting people in as people left. Rikki’s friend from Brooklyn College was actually one of the people working for the festival, but she wasn’t working that day. Rikki called her up and she met us there. She suggested we just hop the fence on the other side of the park. There were people guarding the fence at random areas, but she knew them and said it would be fine. And it was. I climbed the fence in this long dress I had been wearing for the nice event I had to go to in D.C. that day, and I’m surprised I didn’t rip it. I’m sure a few people got to see my underwear though. Oh well. We were in.
Not only were we in but Tina took us straight to the V.I.P. area on the side of the stage, where we got to hang out and watch the concert. Talib Kweli was chilling there the whole time, too. He was with who I think were his girl & kid and I didn’t have the nerve to go talk to him or anything, but we had an awesome view of the stage and the crowd and it ended up being a super fun night. At one point Rikki threw me up on her shoulders and I was singing out all the words to the songs. It was perfect. I just love when last-minute things come together like this.

And in case you’re wondering who Talib Kweli is…

and The Roots…

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