Eva: Week 17

Eva- This week you’ve had a couple of “firsts,” such as your first time on a paddleboard and your first Independence Day. Oh, and last night you pooped in the bathtub for the first (and hopefully only) time. The details of the whole scenario were so hilarious that I can’t even really describe it here. It involved a lot of big belly laughs. It was everywhere, it was horrible, but it was classic. This week you’ve also become more interested in grabbing mommy’s face. You love grabbing my nose and putting your hands in my mouth and when I pretend I’m going to eat them you squeal with delight. You’re so silly. Love, Mama
Eva by the Day:
New This Week:


  1. Soo sweet! I love her sunglasses 🙂 Eva seems so easy going in all her pictures, I’d just love to see that little cutie in real life!

    Added your button to my blog 🙂 Finally got a button myself after some help – I felt like such a noob trying to do it, haha!

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