Eva: Week 18 + Video

Baby Eva- This week you turned 4 months old! You’ve been sitting up for longer periods of time, and it’s your favorite way to be (other than in your johnny jumper). You still need to work on your balance, though, because you topple over easily. I’m glad we only have one more week of bar review because you’re becoming more active by the week and I need to start keeping up with you! You’re also becoming very ticklish (you didn’t seem to be before). When I pretend I’m eating your belly you laugh so hard. It’s adorable. This week you’ve also discovered how cool paper is. You love feeling it and trying to grab it. I love watching you discover new things. Love, mama.
Eva by the Day:
New this Week:
-turned 4 months old!
sitting unassisted for longer periods of time
-more rolling over (front to back… getting stuck on her side back to front)
Here’s one of Eva with her current favorite toy.


    • She still spits up after rice-thickened bottles but not as much. I only give her 2-3 rice bottles a day, though. When Eva was around Lola’s age we switched her to A.R. Forumla, which helped with her gagging and night discomfort (and even the spitting up for a while) but once she started rolling around is when it got really, really bad.

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