Eva: Week 19

Baby Eva, You finally did it- you discovered that you can put your feet in your mouth! That’s been your new “thing” this week, along with refusing to let your poor mama study. You wanted to be entertained all day long every single day this week, and you spent very little time napping. I’ll admit, I was a bit frustrated since this was the last week I had to study before my bar exam, but I can’t blame you, you’re just a playful little baby. It was weird, because after all that rolling over you’ve been doing, you refused to roll over from Sunday all the way to Thursday, and then you finally decided to start rolling from belly to back again yesterday. You’ve become a pro at sitting up this week, and can stay in that position for minutes at a time without getting distracted and toppling. I’m so proud of you! We also fed you rice cereal with a spoon for the first time, and you did really well! You don’t have that tongue reflex we were warned about, and you even seemed to make chewing motions (even though you have no teeth). It was pretty funny. Tomorrow is a big day for us, little one. You’ll be going on your first plane ride- 6 whole hours across the Pacific Ocean to Phoenix and then another 3 to San Antonio. I hope you behave yourself! I’m looking forward to introducing you to all your family and friends back in Texas. You’re about to get so much attention to make up for the weeks and weeks of studying I’ve been doing. I can’t wait! Love, Mama
Eva by the Day:
New this Week:
-putting feet in mouth
-first time on tree swing
-first time eating rice cereal with a spoon

UPDATE: 7:46pm- We just watched you roll from back to front by yourself and you are ACTUALLY ENJOYING tummy time. A LOT! And for a long time! Yeay!


  1. Oh my goodness what a cutie! Cruze loves sucking on his feet too. He’s been doing it for over a month but he doesn’t have the sitting thing down yet. It’s funny cuz he’s soooo in love with his feet that he automatically bends all the way down whenever we try to help him sit just so he can stare at them up close! Lol He spots those toes and its game over.

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