Eva: Week 20

Baby Eva, whheeewww it has been a busy and exhausting week for us, little one. On the first day of Week 20 you went on your first two plane rides to get from Honolulu to San Antonio. As soon as we arrived we ate some breakfast with your Uncle Ryan. It was the first time you got to meet him. He was so excited! But you were so tired, and so were we, so we went straight to the hotel after that. After I finished up the bar exam on Thursday afternoon your grandpa picked us up and took us to Austin for the night. One great thing about staying in all these hotels is that we finally have a bed big enough for you to sleep with us again. We sold our nice bed in our house a few weeks ago in anticipation of moving, so we’ve been sleeping in the guest bed which is too small for the three of us. You still sleep in the same room as us, but not in our bed. I loved being able to sleep right next to you again. It’s way better. You are definitely not used to the time change yet, though, and have been waking up in the middle of the night. Yesterday you went on your first road trip. It was about 6 hours long from Austin to Laguna Vista. You pretty much slept the whole way, which I was relieved about because you usually can’t stand being in your car seat for very long. Last night you met your Uncle Diego for the first time. He seemed nervous to hold you, but it was sweet. It’s going to be another busy week for us. You’re going to meet a lot of family and friends. Other than that, you’re becoming more comfortable with having your face submerged in water and you don’t even cry. You can also pretty much sit up forever now, even when you aren’t using your hands for support. You’re getting so big and growing way too fast!!! I love you my sweet baby. -Mama
Eva by the Day:
New this Week:
-first plane ride
-first road trip

-first time meeting Uncle Ryan & Uncle Diego*More posts about all these exciting events to come!


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