Eva’s First Road Trip

The past week has been completely exhausting. We have been on-the-go non-stop. We have tons of family that had’t seen baby Eva so we’ve been driving around doing that for the past few days. I’m looking forward to when the madness winds down so we can finally relax. I have a lot to write about but only a few minutes at a time to do it, so for now I’ll write a little about our few days in San Antonio and Austin and Evita’s first road trip.
When we arrived in San Antonio from Honolulu early Monday morning we met my brother Ryan at my favorite restaurant, Mi Tierra. That was the first time he had his first baby niece, so it was exciting. After eating some delicious breakfast tacos we headed to the hotel to relax and do some last-minute cramming.
From Tuesday through Thursday I took the bar exam. I am so glad it is finally behind me. There was a pool at the hotel that was so warm in the Texas heat. It was like bath water. Eva is used to the chilly Pacific ocean so I’m sure she was a lot more comfortable swimming in that pool. She had a blast. 
When I walked out of the exam room on Thursday I didn’t feel immediate relief. I still don’t, really. I’m nervous about how I did on the exam. I won’t know the results until November, though, so I’m just going to have to chill. My Dad had a meeting for the the Texas Forensic Science Commission on Friday morning so he picked us up from San Antonio and took us to Austin for the night (it’s only about an hour away). We ate dinner at the Outback and I enjoyed some much deserved wine.
On Friday morning we woke up early to try and enjoy our short time in Austin. We met some friends for breakfast at Magnolia’s and then ventured off for some shopping. Our first stop was Book People, a huge bookstore off 6th street. I was hoping to pick up a new book to read, since for the first time in three years I will finally have time for pleasure reading. I was a bit overwhelmed with all the options and walked out of there with nothing for me. We did leave with a few books for Evita, though, including Go the F*ck to Sleep (which really isn’t for her, haha) and the Heart of Texas alphabet book. Right after Book People we went across the street to Waterloo Records (the best record store ever) and picked up an Immortal Technique DVD and a super awesome punk rock alphabet book for baby E. By the time we were finished with that it was time to pick my Daddy up from his meeting and begin our road trip to the Rio Grande Valley.
Evita started the road trip off screaming. She usually does alright in the carseat, but only if we are moving. Oahu is such a small island that it doesn’t take very long to get anywhere, so I was dreading finding out how she would do in a carseat for hours. Surprisingly, after giving her a bottle she slept almost the entire way down (about 5 hours). This was both good and bad- good because I didn’t want to hear her scream and bad because she had just started to get used to the time change and I knew that she wouldn’t sleep well that night (which she didn’t and hasn’t ever since). We made a few stops on the way down. One was at a super yummy BBQ place in New Braunfels, one was to get some drinks and some scratch off tickets (we don’t have them in Hawaii so I missed them), and one was to change the baby’s diaper and look at a boat at Bass Pro Shops. Then it was home and I was so glad to finally get poor baby Eva out of the car seat.
We have another road trip to look forward to when we have to drive back to San Antonio to catch our plane to Honolulu next week. I hope it goes as smoothly as the first one. Having to wake up with the baby several times a night is worth having her sleep the whole way. I can’t stand to hear my poor little baby cry. I hope she gets used to the time change soon, though, because I am pooped!

I have a lot more to document on this little blog while it’s still fresh in my memory, but that’s all I’ve got for now! 🙂


  1. Hi! 🙂 I just moved to Oahu from Texas! I’m so homesick, but excited for this new adventure. It’s great to see follow Texans here…even if it’s just within the blogosphere. Mi Tierra is one of my favorites too….especially for breakfast. Yum!
    I just wrote a “What I Miss About Texas” post the other day. Check it out sometime 🙂


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