Steppin Out?

After 11 hours of studying today (minus time spent on checking facebook, entertaining a baby, and spacing out in general), I had to run a few errands. I glanced in the mirror while I was getting the baby ready and shook my head. I realized I was wearing the same VS shirt I wore to the hospital when I ended up being in labor and the same T&C Surf Co. shorts I wore for my weekly bump updates. The clothes I wore when I was 9 months pregnant. This is basically my comfy uniform. The non-outfit that says I don’t have time to figure out what to wear or go places worth wearing something cute for. The one that says I’m at home studying for the bar and taking care of a baby/home. The one that says it doesn’t look like I’ve been shopping since before I was pregnant.
I thought about all the “stepping out” posts I read and the cute outfits I always see on blogs. I can’t wait to have time to put effort into what I wear. I have some friends that would say, “If you have time to blog you have time to put something decent on, Ruca (my high-school/current nickname);” however, my free time is very limited and the truth is, I’d rather spend the extra few minutes of my day blogging. But developing my style is definitely high on the list for my post-bar exam, stay-at-home-mom life. It’s only a month away. The countdown is on. Hopefully I can make it without ending up on People of Walmart


  1. Loll I don’t think you’d end up on there. Unless you had a robe over that… And slippers. Comfy clothes are, just, well, more comfortable and much easier to throw on. Sometimes inspiration hits though, and a cute outfit will be worn.

  2. You are definitely far from people of walmart lol! I own pretty much every “essential V neck Tee” from VS and that’s all I go out in. Since they are so brightly colored I just match it with earrings or a bracelet and think to myself that It’s kinda like putting an outfit together. My sense of style has definitely taken the backseat now that I’m pregnant.

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