Throwback Thursday: Supreme Court

Since today is the last day of the bar exam, I thought I’d give today’s Throwback Thursday a legal theme and talk about the time I went to Washington D.C. and met my favorite Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas. 
The view of the Washington Monument and reflecting pool that I had while flying in to Dulles.
  I happened to be the president of the Federalist Society at my law school, and every summer the national Federalist Society hosts all incoming presidents for an orientation in our nation’s capital. Little did I know we’d be invited to a reception at the Supreme Court building itself. It was the opportunity of a lifetime, and a complete surprise to me. I met a bunch of awesome law students from around the country who I still keep in touch with today. I also met a few legal celebrities (some of whom I also keep in touch with). The reception was super fancy, which I was totally not prepared for.  I had no chance to shower beforehand and I was wearing a full suit in the July heat. (I think D.C. is the hottest place I’ve ever been in July, and I’m from Texas.) My hair was a mess and I’m actually a bit embarrassed about my picture with Clarence Thomas, but it is a picture I treasure (even though I was able to get another picture with him a year or so later at a symposium in Virginia). I remember when I saw him I got chills. I was completely star struck. I had been in the presence of influential people before, including President Obama, who worked out on the elliptical trainer behind the treadmill I was running on one morning at the MCBH gym, but this was Clarence Thomas- a man whose words and philosophy I have identified with since I started reading his opinions in law school. 
Me standing in front of the room where the Supreme Court hears cases. 
This man truly embodies the American dream. He grew up in the 50’s in a small town in Georgia founded by former slaves. His grandfather instilled in him a great work ethic and a love for learning. He was the only African American at his high school and was an honors student. He eventually graduated from Yale law school. At the event, Justice Thomas stood for hours as law students lined up to have a conversation with him. I happened to be in the first group, just because of where I was standing when he made his appearance. I told him I was going to school in Hawaii, and that he ought to come visit (like other Supreme Court justices have). He told me he only travels where his “motorcoach” will take him, and that he didn’t think he would want to fly across the Pacific. I don’t blame him. The trip sucks! Anyway, after meeting him I immediately ran to the bathroom to text my dad. Oh, and you know I updated my facebook status.
My cousin Ashley and her baby boy Landon happened to live in Maryland at the time, so they came to visit me in Washington D.C. We did a little sightseeing and enjoyed eachothers’ company. I love my little nephew Landon and I’ll admit he was giving me a little baby fever. 
One night while I was there a bunch of the other students and I went down to the Georgetown waterfront for some dinner and drinks. 
Sunset over the Potomic.
D.C. is a pretty awesome place.


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