Throwback Thursday: Texas Summers

Summertime is Texas time for me. Here’s what a typical day looks like…


Are you kidding me? It’s summer. We’re not awake yet…. and this is coming from a normally super early riser (I’m talking 5 or 6am- 7 or 8am is normally “sleeping in” for me). It’s just that the room at my island house has no windows, which enables me to sleep forever. That, and all my friends are late risers. Not to mention we likely stayed up late the night before.

Early Afternoon

This is the time where we’d normally do our own thing- spend time with family, workout, take care of personal hygiene, whatever. Ashely has always spent summers working at her parent’s store, Quik Stop- the best & only place where you should be buying your bait in the Port Isabel/South Padre Island area. 😉 Sometimes I’d go bother visit her. Below are some pics from fishing in the channel behind the store.

Late Afternoon

Late afternoon is beach time on the Gulf Coast. Texas summers are HOT, and what better way to cool off than a cold beer at the beach? Not to sound like an alchy, but I’m so thankful that we can still drink beer on the beaches in Texas. When I moved to Cali I learned it’s not like that everywhere. Sometimes we’d drive up the beach past where the road ends, and other times we’d chill behind a hotel bar. If we were lucky we’d catch the “elote” truck. The waves in Texas are FLAT during the summer, unless a hurricane enters the Gulf and we get siiick waves for a week or so. That’s why we spend more time in summer skating, though it’s difficult to do during the day when it’s so freakin HOT! So the beach is definitely the only place to be from about 3-6pm.


Watching the sunset over Laguna Madre is a MUST on the island, and you’re almost always guaranteed to catch a good one. There are so many nice little bars and restaurants on the bay with wonderful views. It’s crazy how I pretty much never watch the sunset here in Hawaii. I guess it’s because I’ve normally lived on the east side. I miss them.


My besties and I aren’t crazy partiers or anything, but we did like having our “girls nights.” We enjoyed going out for a few drinks, but we usually tried to avoid tourists by going to the chill Local’s Bar at Louie’s or watching our friend’s band play (Los Loco Locals). Other nights we’d just hang at one of houses and watch movies and chat. Sometimes we’d walk down to the beach. Every now and then someone we know would throw a bonfire past where the road ends. Those were always the best nights. There is something amazing about the beach at night. Whatever we ended up doing on those hot summer nights, it was always an adventure. We’re so silly when we’re together. I love my girls!

I know these types of days are, for the most part, long gone now that I have baby E to bring along with me, but I don’t mind. They were great times and I’m looking forward to creating new Texas summer adventures with my squishy little baby in tow.

Two weeks from today I’ll be in Texas, FINISHED with the bar exam and my summer will officially begin. Can’t. Wait.

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