Weekend Recap

Saturday morning was spent studying. In the afternoon we went to the UFC gym to watch the fights. Then we went to a BBQ at a friend’s house. I didn’t really get many pictures from that day except for some classic bathroom pics. There was no changing table in the gym so I changed Eva on the counter where people get ready (there is no way I’d put her on the gym floor, even her changing pad). She loved the mirrors everywhere. The BBQ was a blast and it made me wish bar review season was over so I could socialize with my friends more often. Being cooped up at home all day sucks!
Evita has been working on sitting up and can stay in the sitting position using her hands for support for longer and longer periods of time.
On Sunday I did homework all morning again and then went to Ala Moana/Waikiki for some beach time.


  1. You all look great! And don’t you love seeing your man out there in the water with the sweet babe? Melts my heart! 🙂
    Thanks for the love at my blog–Can’t believe you’ll be leaving Hawaii and we havent’ met yet! 🙁 I think you should tweet me (DM or whatever,) when you’re headed to NS beach! 🙂

  2. She’s definitely going to be a beach baby. 🙂 I love her big smile too. She looks a lot like you.

    p.s. In that picture of you in the water with Eva,
    I may or may not have immediately focused on your boobs.
    In a non-lesbian way.

  3. Great shots. Holey moley girl, you dont look like you have had a baby at all!

    I hear you on the homework, I just transferred from law to business only sunjects for the rest of my pregnancy, too much to forget otherwise!

    • That’s the brand I used for myself before pregnancy so I just kind of bought it without really considering others. I guess I got it because it said it protects against more than just UV and also because it is “free and pure”. I also have a stick and some scalp spray that is a different brand (coppertone I think) but I don’t use it as much.

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