Weekend Recap

On Saturday I woke up and worked on some TX Evidence & Procedure practice tests then headed to the east side for some surf! The waves were small but it was a beautiful day. Eva loved it, as always. I’m so grateful that she doesn’t mind letting her mommy surf for a while. I can’t wait until she’s out there with me.
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  1. Effing awesome!!!!!!!!!! I have a 17 month old (today actually) and she is a little fish. Its weird how I have instinctively done what this video does. We are definitely going to kick it up a notch or two! I love your blog and your family. I stumbled on you off pinterest- I’m a personal trainer and Marine daughter and sister. My daughter’s father is also a Marine. <3 Maybe one day we’ll cross paths!

  2. Where did you get her little bed?? Thy would be perfect for Raegan because she loves to be propped up. I can’t wait to teach both my kids how to swim.. I remember taking swim lessons and but I can’t wait to teach them myself..I’m so jealous Eva gets to go to the beach all the time 🙂

  3. i am sure Eva is going to be excellent swimmer. we started taking AOI to the swimming pool every time we can since she was about two months old. she loves the water. you look great on the board, i wish i could surf

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