Independence Day

Here’s how we spent Eva’s first Independence Day (out of my belly)…
In the morning we went on a little walk around the backyard. We saw some orchids and some grapefruit and some big green leaves.
In the afternoon we went to Hale Koa beach. Eva rode around on a paddle board for the first time. She loved it.




  1. What the heck is that barbie head? Ha!
    No more 4th of July for awhile! Unless you still celebrate in another country.
    So cool that Eva will get to grow up in another country. Can’t wait to hear where it’s at.

    • We thought it was a great idea too but didn’t realize so many others did! We live right by tantalus so we thought it’d be convenient. It was so hard to find a decent spot because of the crowds! We found one just in time. 🙂 it was a pretty great view but I’d recommend going early for anyone thinking about doing it next year.

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