Eva: Five Months


Evita Pilar,
My sweet little baby, you are five months old today. Between wrapping up my bar exam studies and traveling to Texas, this month has gone by faster than ever. Still, I’ve been closely watching all your tiny transformations. I think what’s led to the most changes this month is your ability to sit up on your own. Towards the beginning of last month, you were able to sit up for a minute or two but would easily topple over. Now you are very sturdy and can sit up very well on your own. You can also go from the sitting position to your tummy and are able to scoot forwards and sideways. This seems to have made you a bit more independent. 
Now I can sit you down with a pillow behind you, give you a toy, and let you entertain yourself for a while. Like most babies, you love toys that light up and make noises. However, if you can’t figure out how to get the toy into your mouth (because of it’s shape or weight or whatever) you get extremely frustrated. Your tiny little eyebrows wrinkle into a look of irritation. You remind me of my Daddy when you make that face. It’s the same one he used to make when your auntie Steph, Uncle D.J., and I were misbehaving. Sometimes you yell at the toy you’re sick of and try to fling it across the room. What aggravates you the most is paper. You get so worked up ripping and crumbling it. It’s pretty hilarious. For the most part, though, you are a happy, giggly baby. You love interacting with people and you have never met someone you didn’t like. You don’t mind when others hold you and you usually give them big grins and squeals. 
This was a big month for you. It was the first time you’ve travelled to another state. You went on your first plane ride and road trip. You spent almost three weeks in Texas hanging out with your family and friends. We’ve also started letting you try solids this month. You’ve tried avocado, beans, and fruits. Your favorite so far seems to be pineapple. Another change this month is how much you love to grab. You just have to grab everything in sight. You are very curious and observant. People always comment on how you are always quietly checking out your surroundings. 
My beautiful baby, I’m always looking for words to describe how much better life is with you in it. Your smiles and laughs make my whole world. Your cuddles can instantly cure any bad day. I’m pretty sure you’re completely oblivious to how much joy you bring me, but thank you. Thank you for being mine.

Month Five Milestones:

4 months, 10 days – first spoon feeding
4 months, 12 days – first plane ride
4 months, 13 days – first time in Texas, first time meeting Uncle Ryan
4 months, 17 days – first road trip, first time meeting Uncle Diego
4 months, 24 days – first fishing trip
-“scooting” forward
-sampling solids
This month we had some wardrobe changes for our photo shoot! 🙂


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