Eva: Week 21

Baby Eva- This has been another busy week for you! You’ve met a lot of your family and friends here in Texas. You’ve also been spoiled to death by them! Good thing we brought an extra sea bag to take stuff back in. You only slept through the night without needing a bottle once this week… agh! I guess you’re still not used to the time change or being away from home. You’ve also been wiggling yourself out of your swaddles and I think we’re going to need some bigger ones (if they even make them!). I’m not sure if you’re ready to sleep without one yet. This week you have also been on a couple of shopping trips, a fishing trip, and have worked in the pool a bit more. We have been dunking you in the water and you’ve been doing well. Today we’re having a beach day for you so that all your other friends can come meet you. I’m looking forward to it! Love, Mama
Eva by the Day:
New this Week:
-meeting lots of family and friends
-being completely submerged underwater


  1. I love #147! That FACE! Omigosh. So stinkin cute!

    That’s awesome that she’s learning how to swim at such a young age. We didn’t have any classes available here when Emery was a baby. They just started them this summer, and we missed it. šŸ™

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