Eva: Week 24

Baby Eva, the last week has been all about movement for you. You can scoot yourself both in the sitting and laying position for about a foot or two. You can also do 180 degree rolls. The other day you rolled and scooted yourself halfway across the room so that you could look inside my purse. We’re going to have to worry about baby-proofing soon. This week you also started doing something that melts my heart. If you’re sitting playing with your toys and I walk past you, you lift your arms in the air and look at me as if you want to be picked up. Of course I can’t help myself and I scoop you into my arms and give you a zillion kisses. It amazes me how much you grow and learn everyday.
Eva by the Day:
New this Week:
-First Hike
-Covering lots of ground by scooting and rolling


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