Homemade Tortilla Chips

Melissa from Growing Up Geeky asked us to share easy, go-to meals this week. While this isn’t necessarily a meal, and I definitely don’t advocate actually eating this (haha), it’s a recipe that everyone should be familiar with. You know those warm, fresh chips they bring you at Mexican restaurants? The ones you get full on before your real food even comes? Well, it turns out they are pretty much the easiest thing in the world to make. In fact, I don’t even know how tortilla chip companies stay in business. All you need is a large pan, some cooking oil, and corn tortillas. If I were back home I’d get the tortillas from a local tortilleria; but in Hawaii I usually stick with Mission or Guerrero brand. Heat the oil on medium-high heat, cut the tortillas into triangles and place them in the hot oil, and cook them until they start to turn a golden color (don’t let them get too brown because they continue to cook for a bit after you take them out). Drain them on some paper towels.

It’s as easy as…


One thing I love making these for are pot-luck style parties here in Hawaii. Back home, these are no big deal, but people here are always so impressed when I make these. It’s funny, because they require no cooking skills whatsoever. And they are ridiculously better than chips that come in a bag. I usually make guacamole or something to dip them in, or I just put some ground beef and cheese on them for D’s dinner. And for all you clean eaters out there- no, this is not on the approved foods list. 😉


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